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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fashion Virtues and Guidelines 3

Contributor: Jean Paul Pierre
Coordination: first thing that comes to mind when i think about fashion. What goes with what?

Dress to impress: There is no such thing as being over dressed unless you are told what to wear for the occasion and you wear something totally different. Well, you could be a$%&ole for doing that. Because what you wear, will help decipher your personality most likely. For instance, I went this club in Indy called "Vogue" with a friend; he was not able to get in because his pants were saggy.

Wear colors that match your appearance: Don’t get me wrong, you can wear any colors that you want but If you want to look fabulous, exceptional and exquisite, you have to wear what goes with your personality. For example, brown looks fabulous on me because i have a caramel skin color.

I guess what i am trying to interpret here is that your way of dressing could give society an idea of who you are; and can also make them feel safer.

Fashion Tips
1. Always dress for the occasion.

2. If you are going somewhere and you don't know what to expect then wear your best attire.

3. At your place, try to have a mirror that is full body length. You don't need someone else telling you what you missed a spot.

4. You can wear what you want but be willing to accept the comment that you are about to receive.

5. Trust yourself on something that you know. If you have no clue about fashion. Please, ask someone before you make a fool of yourself.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fashion Virtues and Guidelines 2

Contributor: DeAngelo LaVette a.k.a. London Dash

3 Virtues:
*Style is primarliy a matter of instinct.
*Any article of clothing can be fashionable
*Dare to be different

4 Tips:
1.Try not to coordinate an outfit like you usually do when you are getting dressed, but rather pick out a number of colors that go together and grab articles of clothing you would never put together and ROCK IT.

2.When shopping, pick out classic pieces. The more pieces you have, the more fashionable you'll become because people will take note of your individuality.

3.When going out, use signature items as your trade mark. For example, a woman could wear a very expensive purse for D&G and her outfit could be from wet-seal. People will remember your trade mark and take note of your fashion abilities.

Avoid shirts that have words on them. Those type of shirts are usually geared for a certain genre of fashion and isn't interchangeable with different styles. For example, wearing a shirt that has "RockAWear"

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fashion Virtues and Guidelines

There’s a common notion that in order to know how to break the rules, one has to know the rules to begin with. This blog refers to virtues and guidelines. In this context “guidelines” can substituted for tips. This means they can be applied loosely with regards to trends, common sense, and personal taste. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Guidelines should help you determine what is generally acceptable, while also giving you the freedom to bring your own personal style to it. Virtues on the other hand are supposed to keep you on the straight path and should rarely be broken; since doing so can lead to a downward spiral. I have picked the minds of a few fashion savvy individuals who have inspired me and made the art of packaging the walking brand (you) seem effortless. I will start off with my thoughts to begin with.
5 Virtues
1. Be true to yourself: You are not your fashion; your fashion exists to show off and represent who you already are on the inside and who you hope to become. In other words do not lose yourself to the external (your fashion). If you are not happy with who you are as a person your fashion won’t change that. Above all strive to become a better person by improving yourself in terms of health (mind, body and spirit), having a passion for something e.g. a hobby; through healthy mutually beneficial relationships, a worthwhile cause etc. This is important because, at the end of the day when you stand naked in front of that mirror; you will still find value in who you see looking back at you. When others finally get past your packaging (fashion) they can also truly be happy with who you are and not be disappointed.

2. Do not become a fashion victim/slave: Perhaps by now you are quite excited by all that you’ve read so far and you can’t wait to do your next shopping, read up on the next fashion article etc. Hold your horses. With all things in life it is important to maintain a healthy balance otherwise you become lost like a piece of paper in the wind, or become the fashion equivalent of an alcoholic…not sure if there’s an anonymous meeting for fashion vics.

3. Patience is a virtue when it comes to shopping: It is easy to feel like the style that caught your eyes at the Macy’s store is going to become extinct. This is where you have to exercise patience and discipline by not jumping to spend that money you don’t have. If you delay instant gratification chances are, you can either get the same item later for cheaper or at a different store for cheap as well.

4. Educate yourself: fashion education is cheap, free and priceless. All you have to do is go to a Barnes & Noble’s pick up a GQ or Lucky magazine etc.; turn to your fashion channel, observe those with a good fashion sense around you. Make friends with them and pick their brains for fashion tips. By educating yourself you become aware of what’s in style, what goes with what, what's appropriate, you might run into someone with the same tastes and have something extra to talk about. Best of all, when you finally become fashion savvy yourself you can help enlighten others.

5. Fashion is a tool and a weapon: As with all tools or weapon you should use them wisely. You can use your fashion to oppress the opposition or you can use it to inspire those who look up to you to get where you are. If you went to some really poor third world country to help victims of a disaster should you dress like a run way model to slight them?

1. Know your colors, shapes and patterns: There’s nothing as appalling as seeing a walking color riot. Not only is it visually unpleasant to the eyes it also speaks badly about your judgment or lack of it. If you are in school take a color theory class to know what colors work together, what effects they have on people etc. Someone with a good sense of color relationships but has poor fashion taste could easily be forgiven compared to someone who is wearing a popular brand in clashing colors. Vertical striped shirts can give the illusion that you are slimmer and taller compared to horizontal striped ones. Organic shapes (curves) are mostly viewed as feminine while geometric shapes (angular and hard edged) are seen as masculine.

2. Dress in the right context: This tip could be broad, hopefully this example can help. If you want to dress sporty then go for it all the way. Don’t wear a blouse with a sweat pant. It doesn’t go together.

3.Balance out what you are wearing: create balance in your outfits through colors or shapes e.g. a blue t-shirt with a blue running shoes etc.

4.Wear sizes exactly your size, or slightly above or below depending on your body size.

5.Dare to be different: By creating your style based on existing styles and trends. The key here is balance. You don’t want to blend in or stand out like a sore thumb either.

6.Mix it up: Today you may dress to kill; tomorrow you may dress to blend in, the next day you may choose to dress down or bum out as I like to say. By this you can throw on a t-shirt, sweat pants, and a pair of sneakers. Personally, I think this is a way of saying I’m free to do as I please. It also shows the different sides of you and could help you in relating to different people in different situations. It also makes you less predictable and shocks those who are used to seeing you one way when they see you suddenly go from bummed down to dressed up. Apply the same technique to style.

7.Dress for the right occasion: Don’t wear beach shorts to your pick-up soccer. It’s just tacky.

8.Accessorize: Your fashion should as much as possible stimulate more than one sense. If you wear that unusual necklace it could lead to visual observation and maybe to a touch of exploration. That wrist watch could say you value your time. The cologne or perfume can stimulate the sense of smell. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard “you smell so good” or “what are you wearing?” or even received an extended hug just because she couldn’t get enough of the smell.

9.Looking good doesn’t always mean you have to trade comfort for discomfort. Find a shoe that fits equally right and yet is comfortable as well.

10.Buy cheaper now for the future: The winter season is coming to an end so most of the winter items are likely going to be on sale. If you have the money make that purchase now instead of
Waiting for the next winter to come around; by then demand will surely affect the prices.

11.Extend your fashion beyond your clothes by learning to apply the same techniques to your work and living spaces.

12. Except in very professional settings try to avoid plain outfits because they tend to be boring and also casts the same impression on you even if you are not. Wear something that has some sort of design or text on it as it catches the eyes more and can lead to a conversation. Don't go to the other extreme of plain by wearing something that is too busy as it can look chaotic and reflect the same on you.

13.Pick a good design over a boring brand name: In my opinion I think wearing brand names is more of an ego or showboating type of thing. Not that it is necessarily a bad thing. However, I think a good design by a lesser known brand that might be cheaper would draw more attention to you than a bland design by a popular brand name. After all people would notice the design first before inquiring about the brand name.

14. Get a fashion partner in crime: Take a friend who knows fashion, a friend of the opposite sex or a gay friend (if they are fashion savvy, most tend to be, maybe that's a stereotype)shopping with you if you are not so fashion savvy. They can offer you advice and make suggestions for you. If you do go alone don't be afraid to bother the store worker or the cute girl shopping next to you for their opinion. You could even get more than their opinion if you know what I mean.

15. Donate your used clothes to good will or a younger sibling. It opens up your wardrobe and makes you feel less guilty about getting something new.


Disclaimer: I'm not a fashion professional and It is something that has got my interest; and I'm still in a learning process.

We are a living product. The way a product is packaged is captures our attention,in order to further explore its contents. After exploration comes the part where we decided if we need the product; and if we do, how and where should it fit into our lives? Some products we come across are functional, others are more of aesthetic value. So, how does this apply to you and fashion?

Think of yourself as a brand and the world around you as patrons in need of this brand. Do you want to be the brand that is bland or one that stands out, is appealing, admired and a must have? Your fashion is the packaging of your brand, at least on the surface level. It could also be your initial selling point; hopefully you (the brand) as a person possess even greater qualities that extend beyond your packaging.

Growing up I didn't really take much notice of fashion. I just saw it more as nice clothes, watches etc. How it came together didn't really matter. Sometimes I didn't care for what others thought. We all know quite a few people like that. Sometimes we want to say something to them, but we feel it's not our place to do so. Well, thank God for blogs, lol.
So, why is fashion important? Well, because it is something you do for yourself and for others. When you take good care of yourself by looking and smelling nice, it helps you feel better about yourself. People who come in contact with you can sense that energy. Even if they have no reason to talk to you; just seeing you can put a smile on their face or even inspire them to want to be like you. In the likelihood that they do talk to you...ok, before they do talk to you. They could be thinking, "My he/she looks and smells good; has a great sense of style, takes pride in himself etc. I'd like to know what he's about"...ok, so in the likelihood they do talk to you. Chances are they will compliment you on your efforts. I'm sure the compliments would add to the confidence you already have or even help make a bad day slightly better.

Let's take it even further, perhaps that compliment has now opened the door to a conversation, this is where your great inner quality now takes over. It even gets better, next thing you know you are talking about your interests and you make a friend or get a date, maybe even land that job if you were at an interview. Why? All because you took the time and effort. Eventually, it becomes second nature and effortless.

In summary you are a brand and your fashion is your packaging. A great package attracts on-lookers. Who may end up interacting with it. Such interactions can leave you and your audience feeling good. The next aspect of this fashion subject focus is on virtues and guidelines, because it's very easy to run wild or even get lost in the fashion world.